International IT house follows a risk based approach to design, implement and maintain security infrastructure for customers.

On February 2014, National institute of standards and technology (NIST) released a Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity also known as NIST cybersecurity framework. Focusing on the high impact risks, NIST framework categorizes five key framework functions needed to drive a comprehensive cybersecurity program:


Each function places heavy reliance on the development of those preceding it


Each function has several categories subdividing them into more detailed groups of activities




NIST framework is composed of three parts


Using NIST Framework to address security concerns Allows organizations to:


NIST Framework Complements, does not replace, risk management processes, Organizations without cybersecurity programs can use Framework as reference to establish one.

Due to comprehensive addressing of security concerns and above points along with many other benefits, International IT house has decided to use NIST cybersecurity framework as a guideline for implementing security structure, providing custom solutions to maximize data and communication security in full to suit the clients’ level of protection and to fit in their budget.

International IT house provides below services in accordance to five key functions of NIST framework to design security environments.