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✦About IT HOUSE✦

International IT House is a leading company in providing telecommunications, Cyber Security and Information Management services.We offer our customers a wide range of value added services (VAS) and integrated telecom solutions.Also, we provide them with thorough assessment of their IT environment and customized end to end solutions to help them decide on cyber-security strategies.Our products and solutions have been trusted and implemented by several international organizations in telecommunication,financial, public sectors and other industries.

From the start, our mission has been to maximize efficiency while reducing capital and operational costs

in order to create a trust-based and long-term relationship with clients.

Providing Value Added Services via Mobile Service Platform

Value Added Service

Producing Integrated & Domestic Software for National Aviation Industry

Integrated Aviation System

Developing Android and IOS Applications

Mobile Application

Secure, Agile and Accurate Solution for Voting & Elections

E - Voting

Security Solutions for Software Services & Organizational Architecture

Security Solution

Consulting, Training & Support Services and Oracle products Procurement

Oracle Service Center