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About us

Established in 2003, International IT House provides a broad range of services and solutions in consulting, infrastructure, technology and next generation services.  Our approach is to understand the true need of our clients and to provide them with optimum solutions to help them maximize their performance and achieve their vision. We provide enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. We are committed to develop and implement technology solutions and infrastructure for highly efficient management of organizations’ data resources and to ensure smooth and secure communications in all levels. Our project management expertise ensure the projects to complete within time and budget.

We provide services to a wide range of customers from small businesses to large enterprises. Our solutions covers various industry sectors to improve productivity and efficiency in each sector. Our service includes engagement in assessment, design and implementation of projects, and we may run parts of their operations on their behalf. As a consultant and system integrator our goal is to create a trust-based and long term relationship with our clients by co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in mobility, sustainability, data, security and resource management. Our success is defined through our clients’ continuous success, growth and satisfaction.


FBI: Email Scams Take $3.1 Billion Toll on Businesses

Business-related inbox scams are reaching epidemic levels with the total cost to business reaching a whopping $3.1 billion. The dire warning comes from the FBI that says skyrocketing losses represent a 1,300 percent increase since January 2015. Identified by the FBI as business e-mail compromise (BEC) crimes, the scams attempt to trick email recipients into money wire transfers, forwarding sensitive...

Netgear Router Update Removes Hardcoded Crypto Keys

Netgear on Friday released firmware updates for two of its router products lines, patching vulnerabilities that were reported six months ago. Users should update to firmware version, which includes fixes for an authentication bypass vulnerability and also addresses a hard-coded cryptographic key embedded in older versions of the firmware. A vulnerability note published by CERT operating at the Software...

BEC scams: What you need to know

BEC scams: What you need to know Ransomware attacks hitting businesses and institutions might be the latest trend, but they are just one of the threats these organizations have to protect themselves against. Another prominent one is the Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam. BEC scammers can target anybody, but have shown a particular predilection for businesses working with foreign partners,...

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